It’s Been Awhile! FEWC 5/11/18

FEWC has been  meeting pretty regularly since Christmas… it’s just that I have been lazy with updating the website.  Sorry about that.

We met this Friday with the hope that the weather would be warm enough to sit out on the patio… but that didn’t happen.

We still had a great time, sampling 4 different delicious wines from all over the world.  We started with a 2011 Malbec from the Uco Valley in Mendoza, Argentina called Luca.  Everyone liked it, thought the nose was wonderful, had that bold Malbec taste with a nice long finish.  Next we had a 2014 Cote du Rhone from Paul Jaboulet Aine called Parallele 45.  A beautiful blend of Grenache and Syrah.  This was a well balanced wine that was a pleasure to drink.  Lenny thought it was one of the best Cote du Rhone’s that he had ever tasted.  For the 3rd bottle, we traveled to the Barossa Valley in Australia via a 2015 bottle of Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz.  This wine went very well with the nice charcuterie board that Janet brought out.  Before we knew it, the bottle was empty, so we opened a fourth bottle, this time staying in the USA, with an old favorite of FEWC, a 2014 Merlot from Rutherford Ranch in the Napa Valley.  Scott has a saying, “You can’t go wrong with Rutherford.”  How true!

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