About FEWC

Welcome to FEWC, the Friday Evening Wine Club. FEWC was established a few years ago by friends interested in learning about (and drinking) wine.

It all began at a blind wine-tasting party, where guests were asked to bring a bottle of wine priced between $10 and $20. Invitees were given score sheets to rate wine based on aroma (or nose), color and taste and assign a point value. At the end of the evening, points were totaled and the winning wine was crowned (it turned out to be the most inexpensive bottle!).

In addition to enjoying some good company, interesting conversation and comparing various reds, we discovered we had a lot more to learn about wine. Our desire to understand this delightful liquid and its many varieties led us to Friday evening meetings, where we tasted different wines and became true students of the grape.

Soon, we discovered there were scores of people, just like us, who enjoyed wine but wanted to learn more. Friday Evening Wine Club was born.

We are anxious to share our knowledge with you and invite you to follow our adventures in wine tasting and maybe even start your own FEWC chapter.