Back from Vacation – Emergency Wednesday FEWC!

It has been a busy month for the FEWC crew. Scott and Amy recently returned from Europe. They visited with Amy’s cousin in Slovenia for a few days and followed that by touring about in Northern Italy. They are such Jet Setters!

Lenny and Janet just returned from a bucket list driving trip to New England to see the Fall colors and visit a few old friends.

We had a lot to talk about!

All relaxed after a couple of nice vacations.

We were REALLY relaxed after draining these four beauties!

First up was a 2015 Pomerol from Chateau Ferrand. Scott loved it… Amy and Janet liked it … and Lenny was underwhelmed. I guess I was just expecting a bit more from a 7 year old wine from such an excellent region of France… I still drank it though!

Next Scott opened a 2017 Valpolicello from Zanato. Wow! This wine was stunning! A pleasant nose, wonderful color, full bodied and a taste that woke up the old taste buds. Amy and I both thought it had a nice cherry taste with a velvety mouthfeel. This was my favorite of the night.

The third bottle was another Italian wine (Scott had an Italy theme going on in honor of their trip). This was a very nice Chianti from Nipozzano. A bit drier than the Valpolicello, this wine would be lovely with a pasta dish… but we were quite satisfied with the tiny little pizzas that Amy cooked up (she got the idea from some snacks they had in Italy) instead. Amy also provided some sweets in the form of maple cream sandwich cookies… in honor of Janet and Lenny being around all that maple syrup in Vermont. Everything was delish!

After sharing many stories about our vacations, Scott decided to open one more bottle. It was a Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve from Josh Cellars in California. This wine was way to good to open as the 4th bottle! Scott and I have a running joke about that.

We had a great time, as usual, hearing about each others travels and tasting some really nice wines.

On a more personal note from Janet and Lenny, we had a chance to visit with Carol, a close friend of Janet’s, while we were in Boston. We had a wonderful time and hope she gets to read this. We would also like to give a big Thank you to Tom and Jen, who showed us a great time out in Stow, Mass.

As always: to good wine, good friends, long life!