FEWC on the Patio! 6/17/2022

It has been awhile since the last FEWC posting. Sorry for being so lazy.

Last night was a beautiful night, perfect for FEWC on the patio. Here are the 4 bottles we opened.

The first bottle was a Rose from Mirabeau in Provence.

We all found this to be a very tasty, enjoyable summer wine, perfect for a warm day or night on the patio. If you want a good Rose, stick with Provence.

Next we opened the bottle Scott brought, a 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon by Oberon, from the Napa Valley. This wine was a real gem! We all loved it. I never would have guessed it to be only 2 years old. It was very balanced, with a pleasant nose and tasted like red fruit… but not too sweet. Janet thought the finish was fleeting but that just made us want to have another sip! Buy this wine and store it for 3 more years… it will be a stunner!

The third bottle was the oldest bottle of wine that I had in my stash. A 2007 Meritage from the highly regarded (but no longer with us) Sawyer Cellars from the Napa Valley. It’s not often that we get to drink a 15 year old wine, but I thought we would celebrate the fact that due to the close proximity to the summer solstice, this would be the longest amount of daylight for FEWC on the patio this year. We found this wine to be wonderful.

Janet served up some delicious shish kebab skewers that had veggies and Italian sausage on them, that I cooked on the grill… delish! She also put together a very refreshing salad highlighting cucumbers and mangos. Chocolate chip cookies topped off the snacks.

The last bottle of the night was a Merlot from Rutherford Hills, a longtime favorite of the FEWC crew. You know the saying, “You can’t go wrong with Rutherford!”

Let me close with our FEWC toast: “Good wine, good friends, long life!”