Sept 1, 2023 FEWC

The weather has been perfect for outdoor FEWC this summer.

So out to the patio we went and started off with a dry Reisling wine from the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York called Ravines.

It was nice and refreshing, the nose was lemon grass, there was lemon and citrus on the palate, with a crisp finish. A perfect wine for a hot summer night.

Here is a great picture of Scott and Amy enjoying this wine

That went down in about 5 minutes!

Next up was a 2012 Clos la Coutale. It is really exciting to drink 10 year old vintages. While this was very good, I was hoping for better. None of us found anything exceptional about this wine…. although we still drank it!

The best bottle of the evening was the 3rd bottle. Scott brought a 2019 Stag’s Leap Merlot. It was outstanding! I don’t have a picture, but I am sure you can find this wine at most Binny’s. As usual, we are always delighted with a good bottle of Merlot

Janet rolled out the usual tasty charcuterie of cheese, crackers, salami and grapes…. very nice. We also had a chilled bowl of Lenny’s homemade salsa with tortilla chips (hard to stop eating those).

We toned it down a bit for the 4th bottle and Lenny opened a new wine from Cooper’s Hawk Winery that was a red blend from South Africa. None of us had ever tried it before, but that is what FEWC is all about. I would describe it as being very similar to a pleasant California red blend.

Another happy FEWC meeting.

Until next time: Good wine, Good Friends, Long life!