Thursday edition of FEWC (11-9-17)

Because of busy weekend schedules, Amy suggested to Janet that a Special “Thursday Night” Edition of FEWC was in order.  After a brief consultation, the Executive Committee unanimously approved and … voila!

Scott started us off with a red from the area of Bordeaux that we visited while on our trip, St Julien, Chateaux Teynac 2006.    Even though it had been decanted for an hour before the first glass was poured, both Scott and Lenny were not impressed with the taste.  However, as we have found time and time again, patience is a virtue when it comes to wine.  By the time we were having our last glass from this bottle, the wine had made a complete transformation from a wine that we would just as soon pass up, to a wine that was quite appealing.


The 2nd bottle was a 2014 Malbec from Washington State’s Milbrandt Vineyards..  Since we are all big fans of Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina (especially vineyards that are at least 3000 ft elevation – such wine snobs!) that Lenny thought it would be interesting to see what the USA had to offer in this grape.  Everyone liked it a lot but did not feel it was as fruit forward as typical Mendoza Malbecs.  Kind of a toned down version of what we are used to.  Still, it was very enjoyable and the girls liked it better than the Bordeaux.

The last bottle was an old stand by, Leese – Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon.  This is a very nice crowd pleasing Cab for a great price.  It used to have a very unique cork made of black plastic (almost rubber-like) that made it easy to recap an unused bottle (a rare thing at FEWC).  Check out the blurb that Scott sent on how handy that cork can be!