FEWC (1/19/18)

What a nice way to start off the weekend.   We had a surprise for FEWC this week… Scott and Amy’s son Seth and his wife Stephanie came by.  They were in town to celebrate a late Christmas with Seth’s family.  They were married this past year and live in Iowa  ( the proud Iowa Chapter of FEWC).

Here is a picture of all the wines we opened:

We started with the Qupe, a 2008 Syrah from California.  I thought that after 9 years this would be excellent.  However, it was far from terrific.  I thought it had an unpleasant turpentine flavor.  Even though we decanted it and let it breath for 90 minutes, we found that it still needed more time.

Next was Cooper’s Hawk Collaboration, a red blend that I had kept for a few years.  It was much more fruit forward and ready to drink than the Qupe.  We all liked it.

Then we opened the 2013 Sebastiani Cab.  Everyone loved this well balanced wine!  Sebastiani has become one of our favorite Vineyards from California.

Then we headed to France with a 2014 Chateau Gloria, from St Julien.  We all had some fun when both Janet and Amy said they were getting dogsh*t on the nose.  Merde!  Neither Scott nor Lenny could detect that scent and happily consumed most of the bottle.

Lastly, in an effort to start drinking older wines from the cellar, we opened a 2010 Napa Cab from Sean Minor.  It was delightful.  A great representation of a top notch Napa Valley Cabernet.

Of course, Janet made sure that nobody went hungry with a tasty array of crackers, cheese and some “foo foo” breadsticks.  Once again, FEWC made everything right with the world.