A New FEWC Chapter

Friday Evening Wine Club is expanding!

On Friday evening, Nov. 9, two of the original founders of Friday Evening Wine Club were very happy to share in the inaugural meeting of the Tinley Park, Illinois chapter of FEWC. The hosts, Gary and Sue, were presented with an official FEWC certificate duly naming the Tinley Park chapter. And what a well-attended meeting it was!

There was quite a variety of wines to be shared—as the photo attests— and the ten attendees came well-prepared to discuss their chosen wine.

As several of those in attendance were St. Xavier University alums, it was only fitting that the evening began with a 2010 Xavier Cotes du Rhone from the Southern Rhône Valley in France. The group also enjoyed a California Pinot Noir, a 2015 red blend from Blue Sky vineyards out of Illinois, an Alexander Valley Cabernet and a Fusion of dry, blended red wine from Prairie State Winery. In addition, Cooper’s Hawk winery was well-represented with a white, a Sauvignon Blanc, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and their sparking almond wine.

The hosts did an outstanding job of providing plenty of nibbles to sustain their guests together with great music selections as a welcome backdrop to the lively wine discussions.

Familiar wine terminology travelled around the room—tannins, aeration, color, nose and legs. It was a welcome learning experience for some and a chance for review for others.

As the evening wound down, it was clear that an expanded appreciation of different wine varietals spread among the guests, some fresh friendships were formed (and what better way to make a new friend than over a glass of wine?), and—most gratifying of all—new wine fans were created.

Happy drinking to the Tinley Park chapter of FEWC as they continue to learn about and discover the world of wine!