This week we revisited Austria!

Scott and Amy hosted the 3/25/22 FEWC meeting with Austria as the theme.

While cruising down the Danube last summer, we spent a wonderful day exploring Vienna, Austria. We sampled some delicious wine and food. Scott and Amy thought it would be fun to eat and drink as if we were in Austria for our FEWC meeting. Dan and Cynthia were able to attend which made the meeting all the more fun!

The first bottle of wine was a white from the Wachau Valley, an area which we cruised through and also stopped for walking tours. It was a beautiful area where a lot of grapes are grown.

A 2020 Gruner Veltliner from Domane Wachau

We had 2 bottles of this wine which was pleasing on the nose and palate. This wine was very pleasant with a flavor and mouthfeel similar to a Chardonnay… but not overpowering on the butteryness. It comes in 1 liter bottles, which is a good thing!

Next up was a red (which was not easy to find). My choice was based solely on the label!

This one was hard to describe. We all agreed that it would be a nice wine to have chilled on a summer day. It had a little bit of sweetness but not much. Needless to say, there was none left.

Amy went full on Austria for the snacks! There was quite a variety: Apricot kernels, which I found similar to pumpkin seeds, 3 different types of Austrian cheese, some Austrian chocolate treats and the highlight (for me) was apple strudel. We must be doing something right!

For the third bottle, Dan brought a Petite Syrah from the Cline Vineyards in California that everyone enjoyed immensely. (don’t have a picture)

We had a wonderful time reminiscing about Austria and just enjoying each others company.