This week’s wine – Sept 30, 2017

This week was not a typical FEWC get together. Instead, we had a New York Times Wine School Dinner. About two years ago, Scott came across an article by Eric Asimov, the NYT wine and food critic. Asimov wrote that he was starting a monthly column known as Wine School, where at the beginning of each month, he would recommend 3 bottles of a specific type of wine, for people to try with dinner among friends. We at FEWC thought it was a great idea and have been having monthly NYT wine dinners ever since!
The beauty of this idea is that not only does it give you a good excuse to have a fun dinner with friends, but it also gets us to try some wines that we would never have thought to try on our own.

Soooo… we actually combined two months worth of NYT wines with our dinner this past weekend. We sampled a few Sauvignon blancs from New Zealand and a Spanish white wine called Godello. Amy served a wonderful dinner featuring an octopus and zucchini appetizer, followed by crab and quinoa, a lamb patty on a bed of fresh salad and finally a delicious dessert dish she called “lamby-kins”. Let me tell you…. that is living! The wines went very well with the meal. I think the overall sentiment was that the Godello, one from A. Coroa and another by Montenovo, were better liked than the Sauvignon blancs we tried.

Do yourself a favor, go on “The Google” and check out NYT wine school. You will, without a doubt, be trying some delicious wines you would never have gotten on your own and you’ll have a great time doing it.