No FEWC this week but we did drink some good wine for Thanksgiving

We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving… we did! While Scott and Amy celebrated with their family last week, Janet and Lenny had most of the family over for Thanksgiving dinner.

There was an article in the Trib by the NY Times wine critic, Eric Asimov. He asked several friends who are somehow in the wine business to recommend a white and a red for Thanksgiving dinner. There were several suggestions but his favorites were given by a friend who is also a sommelier. Here are the two wines.

Villa Brici 2018, is a nice crisp white from Slovenia. It was very refreshing with a nice acidity to it. You would be hard pressed to find a wine drinker who did not like this wine.

The red is a 2017 Breca Garnacha from Spain. Here is another wine with just the right amount of acidity to go well with Thanksgiving dinner or any dinner for that matter. Not too dry, not too sweet, it was very well balanced and will, no doubt, be a crowd pleaser.

We will be back next week with some exciting Chapter news!