FEWC welcomes a new Chapter

On December 3, 2021, The Northcenter Chapter of FEWC convened it’s first meeting! Large by FEWC standards, there were 9 people in attendance for this gala event, which not only served as a FEWC meeting but also as the showing of Will and Thea’s new house. Thea asked that each couple bring 2 bottles of wine that were similar… but different in a way…. a very interesting challenge.

Thea, started things off with 2 different bottles of Champagne. The perfect way to start a new FEWC chapter. The bottles lasted about 2 minutes, so you can guess that everyone loved them.

We shifted to regular wines by opening one of the 2 Malbecs from Guggenheim Winery in Mendoza, Argentina, that Scott and Amy brought. One bottle was the Reserva and the other their regular vintage.

This is the wine that started FEWC!

This was a very nostalgic choice because it was basically this wine that got us going with wine club many years ago (about 2009). As usual they were very satisfying.

Next we tried one of the bottles that Dylan and Frankie brought. The 2 bottles were from a Portuguese vintner that

creates wine by finding what they feel are the best grapes from several different areas.

We all thought this was pleasant on the nose and the palate. It had a lively acidity that begged for another sip.

In between tastings, Thea put out enough food for an army! We somehow managed to keep drinking more wine, though.

Next we opened both bottles that Lenny and Janet brought: both were from the Conn Creek Vineyards Anthology Cabernet Sauvignon collection: one was a 2015 and the other a 2018. The idea was to see if we could taste a difference in different vintages. We all agreed that the 2015 was a bit better.

Napa reds

Matthew and Abby brought 2 interesting whites from Sancerre, France.

One from the top, one from the bottom

These bottles were wines from the same Vineyard and the same type of grape, but one bottle was from grapes grown at the top of this steep vineyard, while the other was from grapes grown at the bottom! Very cool.

I don’t know what the overall opinion was, but I liked the grapes from the bottom a little better.

Thea made sure that all of us got a nice tour of the new house (which is spectacular) and we had a wonderful time.