FEWC celebrates Scott’s health

We were all delighted that Scott has been given the OK for wine club. To celebrate, Scott and Amy hosted the Feb 11th edition of FEWC.

We sampled some excellent wines that night as well as some tasty healthy snacks. Here are the wines we opened.

I know, you can’t read any of the labels. Neither can I. But bear with me and I will do my best to get you through them from left to right.

The first was an ancient bottle from Scott’s cellar, a 2009 Bordeaux from Chateau Ollieux Romanis. This was a real treat! Everything that one would expect from a 13 year old Bordeaux…. this wine had it. A wonderful nose and a fruit forward flavor that slapped you in the face and said, “Wake up! This is what you have been waiting for!” It had a lovely balance of acidity and tannins that you only get from a wine aged this long. It had a beautiful mouthfeel and smooth finish that lasted just long enough to make you want to have another sip. It isn’t often that you get a chance to drink such a stunning wine. We loved it!

Next was a 2015 red from the Asti region of Italy. Who knew that they made anything but sparkling wine from Asti? That is precisely why Lenny chose this wine. The winery is Olim Bauda and the wine comes from the Secco grape. This bottle was just OK. It was certainly not even close to the level of the Bordeaux… but we drank it anyway! Scott felt that it got a bit better after having some time to breathe but I think he was just trying to make me feel better.

With the third bottle, Scott brought us back to Bordeaux with a 2019 Tertre du Moulin, St Emilion Grand Cru. This was a luscious, fruit forward, delicious wine. Janet felt that it had strong tannins but still liked it. We all agreed that while the the taste and mouthfeel were wonderful, the finish was a bit fleeting. Overall, an outstanding wine from St. Emilion. Scott was unleashing the big boys!

Staying in France for the 4th bottle, Scott brought out a 2020 Cabernet – Syrah from Maison Barboulot. I can’t say too much about this bottle because…. frankly…. I don’t remember! That’s what happens sometimes with the 4th bottle. I do recall that Scott and I had just solved the Pandemic problem but unfortunately, those details are also gone.

I hope everyone stays healthy and remembers our FEWC toast: To good wine, good friends and long life!