March 11, 2022 FEWC

Now that we are all healthy again… time for Wine Club!

A 2010 that was delicious!

We started the evening with the oldest bottle in Lenny’s French rack.

A 2010 Chateau Larose – Trintaudon from the Haut Medoc region of Bordeaux. After decanting and about 30 minutes of breathing, we had our first delightful taste. Everyone agreed that the nose was very pleasant (even if we couldn’t identify an aroma). Both Amy and Lenny tasted cherries on the palate. This wine had a wonderful balance of acidity and tannins. It had a medium to long finish that everyone agreed left you wanting another sip!

By the way, this bottle was a gift from Scott and Amy to Janet, for doing the calligraphy for Frankie’s wedding invitations. Thank you both.

Next bottle in the batter’s box was another well aged Bordeaux from Scott’s collection.

2010 Chateau Bergey

This bottle is from the one of our favorite regions of Bordeaux, Pessac – Leognan.

We decanted this one but did not have much time to let it breathe. Unfortunately, it needed lots of time to breathe! I felt this was a superb, complex wine but it had a rather musty nose that slowly got better with time. We all agreed that by the second glass this was much more enjoyable, with a definite oakiness that Scott really likes. Look at us… two 12 year old wines in a row… what a bunch of wine snobs!

After the second bottle, Janet brought out the snacks for the evening that had a theme; Bruschetta. With offerings of traditional tomato and onion, red and yellow Bell peppers in oil and artichoke-parmesan taponade, there was something for everyone to spread on little rounds of toast and enjoy. There was also some Smoked Gouda to put on crackers. Yummy!

On to the third bottle. Another Bordeaux from Pessac – Leognan.

2014 Lacroix – Martillac

This 2014 Lacroix- Martillac is the baby brother to Latour-Martillac at less than half the price. FEWC had never tried this particular wine before and we all found it to be wonderful. Amy was impressed with its deep purple color (almost opaque). It also had a very pleasant nose (no decanting at all on this one… the third bottle!). No specific taste came through for anyone but we all thought it was delicious! Janet said that this was her favorite of the night.

All in all, another delightful chapter in the saga we call Friday Evening Wine Club.

Let me end with our toast with which we customarily begin each meeting:

Good wine, good friends, long life!