FEWC welcomes a new Chapter

On December 3, 2021, The Northcenter Chapter of FEWC convened it’s first meeting! Large by FEWC standards, there were 9 people in attendance for this gala event, which not only served as a FEWC meeting but also as the showing of Will and Thea’s new house. Thea asked that each couple bring 2 bottles of wine that were similar… but different in a way…. a very interesting challenge.

Thea, started things off with 2 different bottles of Champagne. The perfect way to start a new FEWC chapter. The bottles lasted about 2 minutes, so you can guess that everyone loved them.

We shifted to regular wines by opening one of the 2 Malbecs from Guggenheim Winery in Mendoza, Argentina, that Scott and Amy brought. One bottle was the Reserva and the other their regular vintage.

This is the wine that started FEWC!

This was a very nostalgic choice because it was basically this wine that got us going with wine club many years ago (about 2009). As usual they were very satisfying.

Next we tried one of the bottles that Dylan and Frankie brought. The 2 bottles were from a Portuguese vintner that

creates wine by finding what they feel are the best grapes from several different areas.

We all thought this was pleasant on the nose and the palate. It had a lively acidity that begged for another sip.

In between tastings, Thea put out enough food for an army! We somehow managed to keep drinking more wine, though.

Next we opened both bottles that Lenny and Janet brought: both were from the Conn Creek Vineyards Anthology Cabernet Sauvignon collection: one was a 2015 and the other a 2018. The idea was to see if we could taste a difference in different vintages. We all agreed that the 2015 was a bit better.

Napa reds

Matthew and Abby brought 2 interesting whites from Sancerre, France.

One from the top, one from the bottom

These bottles were wines from the same Vineyard and the same type of grape, but one bottle was from grapes grown at the top of this steep vineyard, while the other was from grapes grown at the bottom! Very cool.

I don’t know what the overall opinion was, but I liked the grapes from the bottom a little better.

Thea made sure that all of us got a nice tour of the new house (which is spectacular) and we had a wonderful time.

No FEWC this week but we did drink some good wine for Thanksgiving

We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving… we did! While Scott and Amy celebrated with their family last week, Janet and Lenny had most of the family over for Thanksgiving dinner.

There was an article in the Trib by the NY Times wine critic, Eric Asimov. He asked several friends who are somehow in the wine business to recommend a white and a red for Thanksgiving dinner. There were several suggestions but his favorites were given by a friend who is also a sommelier. Here are the two wines.

Villa Brici 2018, is a nice crisp white from Slovenia. It was very refreshing with a nice acidity to it. You would be hard pressed to find a wine drinker who did not like this wine.

The red is a 2017 Breca Garnacha from Spain. Here is another wine with just the right amount of acidity to go well with Thanksgiving dinner or any dinner for that matter. Not too dry, not too sweet, it was very well balanced and will, no doubt, be a crowd pleaser.

We will be back next week with some exciting Chapter news!

We struck Gold!

While on a recent mini vacation to the very swanky White Pines Resort, in Mt. Morris, IL, Janet and Lenny brought a 2014 Bordeaux with to enjoy at our campfire.

What a fabulous wine! I had to show you the bottle. If you ever run into this online or at a wine shop…. buy it!

Emergency Meeting of FEWC

Since we were not able to meet last Friday, the FEWC Executive Committee decided to convene an emergency session on Wednesday night. It turned out to be a big night for old vintages.

We started off with a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon from the O’Shaughnessy Winery in the Mt Veeder region of Napa Valley.

Scott summed this wine up in 1 word: SMOOTH.

This Cab was excellent. The color was very dark purple while the body was medium to full. It had a wonderful nose that nobody could put a likeness to. It just smelled good! The taste had a nice balance of fruit, acid and tannins, with a wonderful soft mouthfeel. It was a hit!

Next we opened one of Scott’s oldest bottles from his wine futures stock. A 2010 Bordeaux from Chateau Villars.

It was worth the wait!

The color was dark but not quite as dark as the first bottle. This one had very little to offer on the nose, at least from what we could tell, but it tasted wonderful! Lenny thought it was a bit more acidic than the Cab, which gave it a bit more balance. The mouthfeel was not quite as lush as the Cab but this was one of those wines that got better and better with time to breathe. This was Janet’s favorite of the night. At this point we were 2 for 2!

The third bottle was a 2014 Montepulciano from Canneto Vineyards in Italy.

In Amy’s words, “The perfect third bottle”.

This wine was much lighter in color than the first two. Although nobody could actually put their finger on the nose, 3 of us agreed that it was kind of “funky smelling”. Lighter in body than the first 2, it had a nice fruitiness with medium tannins. This was a nice bottle with which to finish the evening.

As for treats, Janet put together a splendid charcuterie board that was part savory and part sweet. With a couple of very nice cheeses (Compte was the star) toasted French bread, 2 different Italian hard salamis and scrumptious marinated green olives holding up the savory side. Warmed caramel went terrific with fresh apple and pear slices. If caramel was not your thing you could drizzle honey on your fruit! There were soft chocolate cookies and peppermint/chocolate bark. No one left hungry. Sorry, I forgot to take a picture… I was too busy eating!

Without question, a wonderful session of the Friday Evening Wine Club.

No FEWC this past Friday

Janet and Lenny had a rare High School date night, which included a “fancy” dinner at Culver’s followed by the Buffalo Grove HS vs. Wheeling HS football game.  BG won 35 – 7.

No wonder we couldn’t do FEWC!

As for this weekend…. Happy birthday to both Scott and Amy!

We are scheduled to have an emergency meeting this Wednesday.  Details to follow.

Time to get back to the website

It has been quite some time since we have made a post on the FEWC website.

It’s Harvest time.   Time to get back on track!

Friday Evening Wine Club

Starting the week of September 2, 2021, Scott, Amy, Lenny and Janet spent a wonderful 2 weeks in Europe.  Our travels included 3 nights in Prague, a week long river cruise on the Danube River, stopping in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and ending in Budapest, Hungary for a few days.  What a fantastic trip!

Here is Scott and Amy doing some valuable research in Prague.


A few days later, Lenny and Janet were goofing off in a little vineyard in Passau, Austria.  We are all back safe and sound.